Last year was a historic year for Windsor in many aspects. Of significant note was the automotive industry’s success from the impactful decisions made by several leading automobile companies.

The job market in Windsor has also seen incredible success, with 2023 bringing bright ambitions and substantial investments announced for many local communities. With the excitement of ongoing developments, the City of Windsor has much to look forward to in the coming years.

Windsor’s Automotive Sector Changing the Course of the Economy for Years to Come

The year 2022 brought exciting announcements for Windsor’s economy, the automotive industry, and the labour landscape. The City of Windsor is earmarked to be the recipient of approximately $8 billion in automotive industry investments from some of the industry’s leading companies.

The former director for the Centre for Automotive Research and Education recently highlighted that the decisions made by automotive industry leaders such as Ford, General Motors and LG are anticipated to have “profound consequences” on Windsor and the surrounding areas for years to come. Many have expressed their excitement regarding the substantial changes that are set to take place in Windsor’s automotive industry in the coming months as investments continue to roll in.

While the investments are intended to bring major changes to the local economy, these announcements also highlight Canada’s growing automotive industry by bringing anticipation for the industry’s future.

Windsor Will Be Home to Canada’s First Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing Plant

A joint venture between Stellantis and LG Energy Solutions to create Canada’s first major electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant brings the city a $5 billion investment and approximately 2,500 new job vacancies. It is expected that once additional investments in the plant supply chain begin forming, thousands of additional spin-off job vacancies will follow. Accompanying this large employment vacancy comes fresh considerations on how labour and employment law can protect hopeful employees.

The CEO of LG Energy has credited Canada’s renewable energy resources as a contributing factor in selecting Windsor for the site location. The addition of the plant is expected to bring numerous benefits to the city and surrounding communities. With the ground already broken and construction progressing, the city’s current focus is to secure significant portions of the supply chain, which will service the battery plant and various other LG facilities.

Battery Plant Expected to Maximize Operations by 2025

It is anticipated that the plant will be operational in 2024, with anticipated output maximized in 2025. When the plant is fully functional, it is expected to have the capacity to fulfill a substantial portion of Stellantis’ North American vehicle production requirements and manufacture battery cells and modules geared toward the next generation of electric vehicles.

The manufacturing plant is set to supply batteries across North America. It will be Canada’s first “gigafactory” (large-scale facilities that produce electric vehicle batteries), with its size equating to approximately 112 National Hockey League rinks.

The Mayor of Windsor has extended appreciation to community residents who “understand the importance of the investment” and have cooperated with the city in tolerating various nuisances, such as pile-driving and gravel trucks driving down residential streets to get to the site.

Local Educational Institutions Increasing Technical Education to Build Talent Pipeline

Post-secondary institutions in Windsor anticipate that the new battery plant will significantly impact their programming, research and development, and infrastructure opportunities. St. Clair College and the University of Windsor are expected to play a vital role in providing adequately trained talent to fill the upcoming job vacancies resulting from the new plant.

The institutions have indicated that they have been working to understand what the industry will require so that they can develop new programs to properly equip upcoming graduates with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the new automotive era.

The Director of External Affairs and Government Relations for LG Energy Solutions has stated that the company will work closely with post-secondary institutions to educate, retrain and retain local talent.

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With the addition of thousands of new job vacancies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and anticipated economic growth, the residents of the City of Windsor has much to look forward to in the coming years. With these significant events comes the potential for new business developments and employment opportunities, which the trusted lawyers at Willis Business Law are ready to assist with.

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