Windsor-Essex County Employment Lawyers Advising Employers on Workplace Policies

Workplace policies are crucial for setting expectations for employee conduct and employer responsibilities in the workplace. Well-crafted, thorough workplace policies are vital to a productive workplace and demonstrate an employer’s commitment to providing a healthy, fair work environment.

Willis Business Law provides comprehensive legal solutions to employers in Windsor-Essex County relating to workplace policies. The firm’s knowledgeable employment lawyers draft and review a complete range of policies and procedures to ensure an employer’s compliance with all applicable employment, human rights, and workplace health and safety laws.  

Common Workplace Policies

Workplace policies operate alongside employment contracts to govern the employer-employee relationship. Internal policies and procedures support the workplace by setting expectations and limitations upon workers and management.

Common workplace policies in Ontario include those relating to:

  • Electronic monitoring of employees;
  • Computer, internet, and data use;
  • Privacy and confidentiality;
  • Benefit, pension, and leave eligibility;
  • Employee classification;
  • Human rights/discrimination;
  • Progressive discipline and other HR matters; and
  • Workplace harassment, violence and other health and safety matters.

Workplace Health & Safety Policies

While some workplace policies are simply best employment practice, others are mandated by law. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario (OSHA), employers must prepare and annually review a written occupational health and safety policy and maintain a program to implement that policy.

Workplace health and safety policies support productivity, reduce incidents and hazards that can interrupt operations, and increase employee satisfaction.

Workplace Harassment & Violence

Aside from policies relating to occupational hazards in the workplace, Ontario employers are also legally required by the OSHA to have written workplace harassment and violence policies in place. These policies must establish a process for employees to make complaints and report incidents and detail how such matters will be investigated and addressed. Employers are also required to create programs to support staff education on, and the maintenance and implementation of, workplace harassment and violence policies.

Progressive Discipline Policies

Progressive discipline policies, while not legally required, are an effective way for employers to ensure employee discipline is handled in a fair and procedurally sound manner. Following these policies also helps employers document performance issues and employee misconduct. Thorough documentation of employee issues can be a valuable asset if the employee is terminated for cause and brings a claim for wrongful dismissal.

A detailed progressive discipline policy will set out methods for informing an employee of an issue, remedial actions that can be offered to the employee, and levels of escalating disciplinary action (often ranging from verbal warnings to termination).

Having an experienced employment lawyer draft and review an employer’s workplace policies helps identify and remedy potential areas of employer liability. Carefully drafted policies ensure employers’ legal obligations are met and support a healthy, effective work environment.

Contact Willis Business Law in Windsor for Comprehensive Advice on Effective Workplace Policies

Willis Business Law has developed longstanding relationships with employers throughout Windsor-Essex County by providing reliable, robust employment law solutions. The firm’s skilled employment lawyers work closely with employers to draft, review, and implement well-reasoned, legally sound workplace policies that maximize productivity and minimize risk.

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