To maximize mediation efforts between disputing parties, having a mediator who understands the crux of the issues can make all the difference. A mediator’s role is to help parties in dispute reach a mutually beneficial settlement. Therefore, it is essential to choose a mediator who not only has a good understanding of the legal issues in a particular area of law but who also brings a unique and insightful perspective to the table. An effective mediator has the necessary personal and investigative skills to dig beyond the surface-level issues and determine what each party truly wants.

At Willis Business Law, our managing partner Dina Mejalli-Willis proudly offers mediation services to suit your needs. So, what makes Dina Mejalli-Willis stand out as a mediator?

Over 15+ Years of Industry Experience

Dina Mejalli-Willis has over 15+ years of experience in the legal field, a large portion of which was spent litigating in the personal injury sector. Drawing from this experience, Dina understands the unique issues that can arise and has insight into how the courts respond to certain positions. Therefore, counsel and their clients can draw on her knowledge and experience and use the mediator to their advantage.

Mediators can identify the strengths and weaknesses of arguments and offer candid suggestions about how they think the matter might be resolved at trial. A mediator’s input can be persuasive and may lead to concessions and settlements that may not have been possible if the case proceeded to trial. Therefore, choosing a mediator with knowledge and experience of the relevant subject – such as Dina – is beneficial.

Actively Monitors and Writes on Judicial and Legislative Developments

With extensive past experience litigating matters involving personal injury, disability claims, and Statutory Accident Benefits Schedules (SABS) disputes, Dina has and continues to remain immersed in the ever-evolving subject matter. By remaining fresh on these topics, Dina can help parties understand how new legislative changes and recent court decisions may impact the merits of a party’s argument or settlement position.

Throughout the years, Dina has undertaken extensive research to write several publications and articles on key topics involving personal injury and disability matters. Some of her recent publications include:

  • “Strategies to Enhance an LTD Settlement”;
  • “Settlements and Tax Issues: Important Implications”;
  • “Things You Don’t Want to Miss When Settling LTD Cases”; and
  • “Defining CAT Impairment: Advanced Research in SABS”.

Ability to Get to “Why”

Dina Mejalli-Willis draws from her years of experience in private practice and mediation to ensure that mediation sessions run smoothly and efficiently. To help parties make the most out of their mediation from the beginning, Dina works to get to the heart of the dispute quickly and cuts to the chase to understand the parties’ genuine concerns and hesitations. Parties are often encouraged to get creative in the mediation process to develop unique and mutually satisfactory resolutions to maximize these discussions and settlement opportunities. However, sometimes parties require extra assistance in dialing in on the prominent issues to understand better what they really want at the conclusion of the case.

By simplifying the situation and fostering an efficient mediation session, Dina ensures she is on the same page in understanding the parties’ priorities, placing her in a better position to assist in exploring resolutions. Through her experiences in litigation and alternative dispute resolution, Dina can quickly synthesize mountains of information and boil it down to the fundamental issues that must be focused on.

Flexible Mediation Settings

While mediation has traditionally been a means of alternative dispute resolution that occurred in person, as a result of the pandemic, the Ontario courts have allowed means of alternative dispute resolution to take place virtually. While traditional in-person mediation settings remain preferred by many, allowing this process to occur remotely via a trusted online platform, such as Zoom, removes barriers such as cost and travel, which otherwise may be prohibitive for some individuals. Dina has quickly adapted to these new processes and is confident that allowing parties to participate in mediation from a comfortable, private setting can encourage ample opportunities for parties to maximize their mediation experience. To learn more about the benefits of virtual mediation, read our recent blog post.

In the event that parties wish to attend an in-person mediation but do not have a suitable neutral space to facilitate an effective mediation, Dina is happy to offer spacious settings with private, comfortable offices at Willis Business Law.

Post-Mediation Follow-Up Service

Dina strongly believes in resolving matters outside the courtroom and is proud to offer her full-day mediation clients a unique post-mediation follow-up service. Because time is of the essence concerning a party’s settlement position, in cases where mediation does not result in a successful settlement, Dina will provide the parties with an additional 1-hour meeting to explore further settlement opportunities.

For parties willing to continue productive settlement discussions, Dina can develop a clear follow-up action plan showcasing her urgency and diligence in exploring possible resolutions for complex issues.

Work With Dina Mejalli-Willis at Willis Business Law in Windsor-Essex County for Your Mediation Needs

Willis Business Law proudly offers comprehensive mediation services provided by managing partner Dina Mejalli-Willis. Mediation is an essential tool available to parties seeking to reach a beneficial resolution while managing the costs and time commitments of all parties involved. Dina happily offers half-day and full-day mediation services to parties who are prepared to work together to create a mutually agreeable outcome for a variety of disputes. Contact Willis Business Law online or at (519) 945-5470 to learn more about our mediation services. To easily book your mediation session today, feel free to consult Dina’s online scheduling calendar.

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