What kind of student is Willis Business Law looking to hire? 

We’re looking for dedicated, well-rounded individuals who are passionate about the practice of law, but who also maintain interests outside of school and work. At Willis Business Law we’re all about the team, so we want people who recognize the value of teamwork, but who can also work independently when the occasion calls for it.

Does it matter to Willis Business Law which law school a student attends? 

No. Willis Business Law recruits from all law schools across Canada and elsewhere and considers each application equally.

How would you describe the Willis Business Law culture?

You will find the atmosphere at Willis Business Law is best described as professional, collaborative, and engaging. We are a community of professionals, and a firm where every individual contributes and every idea counts. Our team members work together to achieve meaningful results for our clients. Beyond providing our students with professional growth opportunities, we also encourage them to develop social connections. We make time for friendships and organize various social activities for both our summer and our articling students.

How many students do you hire?

The number of students that we hire for summer and articling programs varies from year to year. While we do not guarantee articling positions to our summer students, we hire our summer students on the expectation they will continue their position throughout the articling process.

Do you hire first-year law students?

Willis Business Law’s summer programs are generally limited to students who have completed their second year of law school. However, on an exceptional basis we may consider additional candidates and accept applications, in the event positions become available.

What salary and benefits do you offer the students you hire?

Our commitment to our students includes a competitive salary based on the local market rate for summer and articling students.

What is the typical workload for students?

We do not have targeted billable hours for students. While you can expect to work hard, our focus is on the quality of your efforts and ensuring that you are receiving the best educational experience possible, not the number of assignments nor the length of time you take to complete them.

Who should I contact to find out more about Willis Business Law’s student program?

To learn more about our student programs, please visit our program site where you will find detailed information on our firm, our student program, and our dedicated recruiting contact who can answer all of your questions.

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